Nursery Update

Well, I guess when your profession revolves around designing spaces for others…

It makes sense that people would expect the rooms in your own home to be carefully thought out and executed.


When you spend your time and creativity throwing yourself at other people’s projects,

There’s not a lot of excitement (or energy for that matter) left at the end of the day for your own.

But nonetheless, many of my friends and family members have been asking for a “Nursery Update”.

(And while that very question gets my heart racing because it reminds me just how far behind I am in that area of my life)…

I think it’s time I give the people what they want.

First – two of my favorite pieces in the room were GIFTED to us by two of my extremely generous friends.

When I told my friend Gretchen I was thinking about buying a Jenny Lind crib for the nursery, she generously offered to let us use the one that had been sitting in her parents garage for decades.

It was hers as a child, was in amazing condition, and looked a lot like THIS when it arrived on our doorstep.

Original Jenny Lind

Yep – our crib is not only Vintage Jenny Lind, but it was totally free.  Can’t thank G and the Hieb family enough for giving our baby a stylish place to sleep at night!

Fast forward a few months, when my friend Cassie was going through her parents basement one day, she stumbled across some old campaign dressers and asked me if THESE were still cool?

campaign chests

I completely flipped out when I learned those babies had been sitting unused since Cassie’s childhood days…

and was in the middle of listing off all the potential they had…

When, she GENEROUSLY offered to give them to me since they were simply taking up space in the basement.

They needed a little TLC, and a fresh coat of paint, but they are SO cool and would make the perfect dresser/changing table combo in the nursery.

Can you believe how awesome my friends and their parents are for offering these things to us for the baby’s room? 

The generosity is unbelievable – thanks again Feldman family!!

So the next step was to come up with a gender neutral scheme for the room since we wouldn’t be finding out the sex.

Here is where we’ve landed with the design ideas…

Nursery Board


And here is where we’re at so far…

Are you READY???







View facing crib


View facing closet

The start of something pretty happening below…
(note the awesome lacquer finish the hubs has achieved)

Lacquer finish

Dresser Drawers

And here is the start of changing table topper I built a couple weekends ago…

Changing Table Topper


And that, folks…. is the Nursery Update for you.

Are you laughing, or are you terrified for our baby?

I’m a little bit of both.

But the truth is, while the room was in complete shambles as of Friday afternoon,

(when these photos were taken)

Luckily, some progress has been made over the weekend.

These were picked up from the seamstress…


And the final coats were applied to these, and bases were added to give them some height…

dressers finished


So while we’re still nowhere NEAR done…

At least we no longer trip over dresser parts trying to walk across the room.

And that, for now, is progress in my world.

Till Tomorrow, Happy Decorating.

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2 Responses to Nursery Update

  1. Miss Draper says:

    A great start Marita, looks so good and I love the color scheme!

  2. Anne Talbott Simmons says:

    everything will fall into place beautifully!! i couldn’t be more obsessed with the campaign dresser!! love the white lacquer!!! love you and so excited to meet sweet baby girl Simmons!!! 🙂

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