It Takes A Village

In many ways, my little interior design business is like my “First Born” child.

Giving it life has provided me with an immense sense of pride and responsibility.

It requires 24-7 dedication,

The hardest work I’ve ever known…

And it keeps me up late hours most nights.

It’s my baby, and I love it.

Almost immediately after getting this thing started, the referrals started rolling in.

The business began gaining momentum…

My plate was wonderfully full…

And I was thrilled to watch my dream really starting to take off.

And just one month after opening the doors… 

I learned some exciting news…




(enter record-scratching sound here)

While I was able to juggle my enormous workload efficiently in the early stages of pregnancy,

I was operating at nearly full capacity.

And while that was great for the business…I sincerely saw no end in sight for myself.

I was working morning and night to keep this machine running,

And I knew that in a few short months, I would no longer be able to keep up the pace. 

The thought of taking even ONE day off to relax and enjoy the arrival of my new baby sent my head spinning and my heart racing,

Because I had no idea how I was going to be able to handle it all. 

And that’s when I had to accept…

I was going to need some help. 

In the months leading up to Emme’s arrival,

I decided I needed a team-mate.

Someone who would share my ridiculous passion for all things design,

Who would love and appreciate working hard for clients to make their homes beautiful,

But most importantly, someone who “gets-it” in the world of interiors…

Making it fun to collaborate on projects together.

And it’s weird how sometimes when you put the request out there to the Universe…

The Universe has this uncanny way of answering you back. 

Enter, Krysta Gibbons.

Krysta Gibbons

AKA “the Gibbons Monkey”

AKA “the Baby Whisperer”

AKA “My Life Saver and Really Really Great Friend”

Thank you, Universe… for answering my call.

Somehow it seemed we’d been living parallel lives, and were always destined to be partners. 

Krysta has an amazing eye, impeccable taste, an ADORABLE daughter…

And an incredibly challenging new job.

She’s been put to the task of keeping our clients happy, while I take some time to enjoy my new role as a Mom.

And so far, everyone absolutely loves her.

(Especially me!)

And she even laughs at my sick sense of humor….

So you know it’s a match made in MY heaven. 

Welcome to the team, Krysta.

You’re the only person I’d trust to help me take care of my “First Born”.

And I’m looking forward to raising this child with you.

Till Tomorrow, Happy Decorating.

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3 Responses to It Takes A Village

  1. April says:

    What a small world! Krysta and I were in alpha phi together… You two will be quite the team :). Hugs to you both!

  2. krysta says:

    God bless you for posting the picture of me when I used to work out and have weekly facials. Our clients are no doubt dissapointed when they meet the real me with juice stained mom jeans and and 4″ roots.
    The feeling is mutual Simmons.
    Now, can you turn the heat up and get back to work?:)
    Gibbons Monkey

  3. good friend of Becky Wemer’s and saw this post on Krysta’s facebook – Krysta is so great, has the most creative eye, and an incredible sense of quietly daring design. Congrats to both of you on your ventures!

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