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We are thrilled to introduce Kipling House Interiors!

As one very old and very wise man once said: “Behind every great person… are a bunch of other great people” Over the past 4 years, Marita Simmons Interiors has grown and evolved to embrace a team approach that best serves … Continue reading

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Let us RE-introduce ourselves….

Okay, so OVER a year between posts is ridiculous.  I know. And it’s funny because when people ask me… “Are you still blogging?”  I emphatically answer “YES!” because in my mind, the intention has always been to eventually come back … Continue reading

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Welcome Home Little One

Well today ended with another charming text from our “surprise nursery” clients. Seriously, the room is unreal. Couldn’t be better. We’re beyond thrilled. And it’s notes like these that are precisely why we love what we do. (and why we … Continue reading

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It’s GO Time!

Last night, as I was climbing into bed… I received the most EXCITING text message. It read: “At Hospital.  Have Epidural.” While lately, this is an all-too-familiar scenario… (It seems everyone I know is giving birth these days). THIS is … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village

In many ways, my little interior design business is like my “First Born” child. Giving it life has provided me with an immense sense of pride and responsibility. It requires 24-7 dedication, The hardest work I’ve ever known… And it … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

Last week, in between Emme’s cat naps and screaming fits… I made an attempt to try and reconnect with the rest of functioning society, by visiting a few of my favorite blogs. Big Mistake. No, scratch that… HUGE Mistake. One … Continue reading

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Favorite Project Yet

Okay, so I’m officially going to stop apologizing for my lack of recent posts… The weeks leading up to my due date have been some of the most hectic I’ve ever known. We’ve been tackling some all-consuming projects around here; … Continue reading

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Loving It!

I was just surfing around for a client and stumbled across a fun new online source. (Well, maybe it’s been around a while, but this is the first I’ve seen of it…) From the same people who brought us the … Continue reading

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Nursery Update

Well, I guess when your profession revolves around designing spaces for others… It makes sense that people would expect the rooms in your own home to be carefully thought out and executed. Unfortunately… When you spend your time and creativity … Continue reading

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Best Secret Ever

How fun is the latest project I’m working on?  A few months ago, a friend/client announced she was pregnant with her first baby. She asked if I would be willing to help her tackle the nursery… to which I said, … Continue reading

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